Coffee and a design hero

by just 'Hooper'

When I arrived at work this morning I gave a customary hello to a colleague in the photography department who was greeting an unfamiliar face who had also just arrived. I popped down for a coffee 10 minutes later and this person appeared behind me in the queue and introduced himself – as Simon Larbalestier!

Given that I’d inadvertently stumbled across a design hero of mine from the early 90’s I managed to hold it together whilst proclaiming my admiration for his work and inviting him for a chat. He’s currently doing a PhD at Chester and so drops in from time to time to do some teaching and get feedback.

We chatted about the 4AD days and also about how both photographic and design process has changed so much since then, berating google image searches, the lack of physical process and endeavour in students work and copyright ownership of work.

It was great to finally meet (and to put a face to) someone who made so many iconic images for me through my late teens!