by just 'Hooper'


We had a guest speaker in to talk to the students regarding a music orientated summer brief that they are being set. Ex graduate Keiron from la de la returned to Chester to give a few pointers and the benefit of his experience in tackling record covers. He started his talk with his 5 favourites and that led me to consider my own – so here in no particular order are my Faves – purely on a personally aesthetic level.

First up is Pavement’s ‘Watery Domestic EP’ – possibly my all time favourite – a lovely mix of dense colour, threatening chicken and the homemade meanderings scratched without care into the surface.

Next is the short lived Dymaxion’s ‘Recorded Music’ 7 inch that beat the recent album cover face fad by about 15 years. Beautifully simple, funny and mysterious all at the same time.

Taking center stage is one (though they all are) of Vaughn Oliver’s finest, Pixies ‘Bossanova’ – moving on from the beauty of ‘Doolittle’ the injection of cartoon, colour and retro sci-fi was the soundtrack to my first year of Uni.

Fourth we find the iconic Daniel Johnston and his cassette cover for ‘Hi, How are you?’ – summing up him and his lo-fi music with the simplest of approaches and production values.

Finally is Talking Heads ‘More songs about Buildings and Food’ – taking a nod from David Hockney by using a montage of Polaroids, the band are reflected as fractured and angular alien like creatures – ordinary and yet strange from he viewpoint taken.

Hopefully these may change over time and like the music itself I’m still hoping that I’ve yet to hear my favourite band ever and maybe they’ll follow with an equal standard of artwork.