Work v’s Work

by just 'Hooper'

The way to work

It’s been a good couple of months since i last posted – which makes me feel a bit sad as it’s like i’ve nothing new to report. I’ve been really busy at Chester with what’s been a great cohort of students across all the years and i’m really looking forward to the first 3rd Year Show for me next month. The main thing i’ve felt about this new post is that i’m actually developing a role for once (back with taking up the PG Cert) rather than being a bit of a jack of all trades which is great – i just need to balance it now with doing my own creative stuff alongside. Each day i have a round 3 hr train commute which lets me scribble ideas and bits down so stuff is happening it’s just not finding a point of completion yet. Hopefully the Research aspect of the job will allow me to explore this and over the summer i’m looking to structure a direction of exploration that’ll no doubt crop up on here from time to time. In the meantime here is a shot of my favourite view on the way to work – a bit grim i know but i just love the way the zig zag of merseytravel yellow cuts between a scrap metal yard and the Chester station carpark.