‘Silk Purse’ / ‘Sow’s Ear’

by just 'Hooper'


I wasn’t going to post about this but then a friend, Clare from DataDoodle, facebooked me from the event it was shown at last night and i thought ok then.

About a week ago i had an emergency plea from the fashion department to see if i could help them edit together some footage for an evening event – it consisted of work that the LJMU Fashion Students had done in response to Tate Liverpool’s current Glam exhibition. Though the clothes they designed were really good, the video footage of a catwalk and 70’s related dancing activities wasn’t particularly coherent and a lot of the shots had shadows and awkward moments in. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t atrocious it just needed a lot of bringing together.





I’m not super great at editing but the few bits i picked up from an old work colleague, Chris from theHatch.tv, were enough to get me by and with a few sparkly visual overlays, some colour saturation and a ‘Bad TV’ filter we ended up with something that resembled a fashion-y version of ‘Top of the Pops’ circa 1975. Cut to Marc Bolan’s ‘Rock On’ as a pace guide i think it got there in the end – and though i’m not claiming it was a Silk Purse it was definitely more Fashion Accessory than Offal.