by just 'Hooper'


IF… i had learned to play a musical instrument – and had been able to write some songs – and formed a band – and got signed – and had some hits – produced a couple of albums – developed a decent following – had artistic difficulties with the other members – disbanded – and oversaw the release of a swansong greatest hits – it would be called ‘Works Exit’ – every time i see that road sign i think of my fictional musical career.

Incidentally the band would be called ‘Pedestrian’ as a multiple homage to the ordinariness of ‘The Smiths’ epithet, the single worded titling of ‘Pixies’ and as a companion to ‘Pavement’.

Yeah, we’d be an old school indie outfit circa 1990 and I’d be awaiting the reviewer that first reported – ‘ The Album is everything that the band’s name suggests!’