‘Work’ Work – Titanic

by just 'Hooper'


This time last year i was feverishly working alongside a 3rd Year Student, Katrina Shock, as we embarked on a commission to represent the contributions of Liverpool’s school’s and residents to the centenary of the Titanic. Many groups and neighbourhood’s had created artworks, events or took place in a mass letter writing scheme to remember the tragedy that was the ship’s maiden voyage.



I developed the promotional material that advertised the collection of pieces, that comprised of digital visuals and recordings, childrens drawings of the survivors and victims, a 5 meter high paper sculpture (that we built out of 1000 letters written by residents who imagined they were on the ship) and an iPad interface showing all of the letters in full, being shown at the Maritime Museum and Sudley House. We also showed some great documentary photography of the celebrations by the photographer i commissioned, Wes Storey.


Dealing with public organisations such as the museums was one hell of a learning curve (health and safety nightmare!) but finally the event came off really well!