More Old Work – Frankenstein

by just 'Hooper'


Another college piece – i really can’t remember how it was received but i do remember putting it together. After a trawl around St.John’s (Meat) Market i found a piece of pig skin (i guess sold for crackling) that had a nipple on it. I felt i needed something identifiable in the piece as a focus and to make it seem more human. Then i chopped it up and sewed it back together – i had a bit of an obsession with animal bits for a while at college (as some housemates would no doubt tell you) but i felt this was really suited to the piece. Again i wonder if i’d approach this digitally now and how effective it would be?

I think fellow student Lisa Martin helped me with the calligraphy at the time – Hi Lisa!.

Oh and Sorry if it’s put you off your breakfast/dinner/tea!