The Chandelier – Stage 1 Complete

by just 'Hooper'


As i mentioned in a previous post i’ve been working on a project with two artists from Manchester on an Arts Council Project to create a Chandelier comprising of Thousands of estranged earrings, donated by members of the general public.

This week stage one was completed (a little behind schedule!) but a lot of months of planning, learning and experimentation brought us to the final solution for our structure to house the aural appendages. The 2metre high steel and acrylic structure – which resembles somewhat an inverted anorexic dalek – was fashioned in the University workshop with the good help of Neville our metals and welding expert. It was a true learning experience where i got to manage materials that i hadn’t worked with before and even though we had some very helpful technology (a plasma cutter to cut out detailed metal shapes) it was all about understanding the basics of the materials and how they react to heat, tension and weight.

Well the lights were installed and the piece was rather comically moved to a studio in Manchester where it will now undergo it’s formal dressing up in all manner of donated gold, silver and plastic.


If you’re interested in the projects progress or even have earrings to donate then visit their Facebook Page.