‘Work’ Work – Facelifts

by just 'Hooper'


At ‘work’ work i do a lot of community arts based projects and this is a series of concept pieces that i devised with a group of residents in Anfield. The issue was that of the number of disused houses in the area that were boarded up and unsightly (a common factor based on the rapid turnover of unreliable tenants that many housing agencies place in them) – this led to a reduction in the notion of a community and the art pieces we wanted to create we’re there to echo the situation as well as evoke some memories and hopefully add a dash of humour to the area.

The final pieces never made it to reality – due to issues with the housing agencies initially not wanting their metal window grilles damaged in any way and then by them sell off the properties we’d earmarked. These pieces were exhibited at the final show for Culture Liverpool’s ‘Four Corners 2011’ Community Arts Programme (funded by the Primary Care Trust).

The building images were taken by my good friend and excellent photographer Rhian Askins – visit her amazing photography site.