‘Work’ Work – The Chandelier of Lost Earrings

by just 'Hooper'


For my ‘real’ Job i work at John Moores University and from time to time get involved in external artists projects. Currently i’m working with a pair of glass architects from Manchester called Sagar and Campbell (aka. The lovely Lauren and Sharon). The project is Arts Council Funded and involves the collection of thousands of discarded earrings mainly from women associated with St.Mary’s Hospital, also in Manchester. The earrings are being hung as a large Chandelier to be displayed in the hospital and my role is to help with the branding and design and build of the structure to house it. The structure is a mix of Steel and laser cut cast acrylic to provide a sort of inverted wedding cake arrangement on which the earrings will be hung.

We’re nearing the final stages of assembly and hopefully will have a finished piece by the middle of the month – i’ll post some pics and details upon completion. Meanwhile here are some of the branding ideas (based on Theophile Steinlen’s ‘Le Chat Noir’ poster)…


And the initial concept sketch for the 2m high structure…