Under the Influence – Charlie Brown

by just 'Hooper'

charliebrownIt’s funny when you sit down and think about what has inspired you over the years – sometimes those influences are direct and sometimes they creep in unnoticed.

I pulled this out of my wallet today – it’s been in there (and other wallets) for over 20 years and i’ve always kept it as one of my favourite drawings.

There’s something about Charlie Brown that just hit the spot with me, not the sentiment of the ‘Peanuts’ strips and definitely not Snoopy – but the pure hangdog appearance of the main character who was often not the main character. Looking at the recent monster pieces i can see the same look of helpless panic in their ‘eye’ as chuck has here – the sheer overwhelming feeling of being not sure if you’re ever good enough.

I’m just starting Schultz’s biography to see how much of Charlie was really him.