The Monster Alphabet

by just 'Hooper'

26 Fictional Frights

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Could have been Alien or Arachnid, but plumped for the classic B-Movie type to kick it off.


One of my favourites – and one of the first ones i did – i always liked the idea of the ill proportioned encumbering a daily existence.


Did you know that the idea of the Cyclops comes from the skeletal remains of elephants – the big hole for the trunk in the middle of the skull was thought to be an eye socket – hence the tusks on this fella.


I sometimes like to try and include references to other ‘loosely connected’ things to try and get a new end result – the dragon was based on the stance of a frog (do you get amphibious dragons?)


Originally i had a whole swarm of these guys in mind but toned it down to fit in with the others.


Strangely i drew these out of order and then i kept finding that i had similarities in small groups – D,E and F all appeared with the same hooded eye.


Another one of my faves – i like the central symmetry and the randomness of the hair snakes.


This was the last one i drew – i really struggled on finding a monster for H that didn’t echo one i’d already done. Again i tried to bring in some other references and this guy is based a little on the creature from the black lagoon and a seaside inflatable.


More Ted Hughes than Marvel i’m afraid.


Touch of Tenniel – dash of Bart Simpson (Via Lewis Carroll).


This was the second one i drew – i have a soft spot for dopey sea monsters…


…as you no doubt guessed!


I was always happy about the way this guys legs turned out – though whether ‘he’ is a guy or not i can’t quite tell?

NECROMANCERPracticed in the dark arts.


I always thought the mix of a mexican wrestler mask and a mankini was a strong fashion statement.PHANTOM

Probably one of the more straight forward and scary characters.


Struggled with this one for a while – it’s a cave bear so i played with the balance of cute and grotesque.


Heavily symmetrical this one – almost totem-like.SANDWORM

Was a little unsure about how this guy didn’t face directly forward?


My kids like a good fright and this fella lives nearby, under the bridge in Greenbank Park.UNIPED

Another difficult letter but the ‘Uni’ part seemed to suit – originally it was going to be a clown on a unicycle but my sea fetish drew me to this guy.VAMPIRE

Some of the characters are a little more obvious than others – here i tried to simplify the Dracula type by combining the him with the bat-symbol.


It was good to introduce pattern into some of the characters to help with the limited palette – and this was supposed to be a reference (dog tooth pattern)- but it wasn’t quite.


The colour scheme on this one caused me no end of trouble – originally he was two shades of pale blue but it wasn’t strong enough. Hopefully the idea of a slime encased skull still comes through?YETI

This is what started it all and was originally assembled from layers of laser cut paper – may blog that later.


I try and keep down with the kids and though ‘Moves Like Jagger’ may not be in my collection it seemed appropriate that it should be in this guys.