One Eyed Monsters – an A-Z

by just 'Hooper'

I did experiment with some screenprinting

This is a self directed project i worked on last year – i wanted to set myself the task of completing a series of images based around a set of simple rules.

Monster creations are in my blood and so that easily became the theme and an Alphabet seemed like a definitive structure that would give me an overall target and variation between each image. I latched onto the phrase ‘one eyed monsters’ regardless of it’s ‘other’ connotations and felt it was a good title under which to bring the creations together.

The Rules i followed were that they all had to utilize the same component – the single eye – and only have two colours to them.

So with an exploration of myth and legend, a heavy dose of symmetry and where i could a smidgen of humour i created 26 beasts of slight inadequacy (i always liked the notion of a monster being born into a role it wasn’t actually cut out to do!)

I’m going to post them all as a gallery – but they are all available as digital prints at my ETSY store – Very Reasonable If You Like!