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How Now Brown Cow!

Bumped into this guy on a lovely Father’s Day walk on the Wirral Today!


Degree Show

Another Year almost done and it’s just been celebrated with another great degree show from the University of Chester’s Art and Design Students. A selection of their work can be viewed in the online version of their catalogue on Issuu (this is an early draft and still has dummy copy in places)

The day after we worked with a group of Yr 9 & 10 schoolchildren and got them to create pieces based on interpretations and inspiration from the show. It was an energetic day with some great flourishes that really tuned into the vibe of the students work.

Several pieces of note were this abstract interpretation of a video projection…

…and a selection of more physical pieces like these…

It’s great that the students can inspire the next generation to follow them this early in their careers. Good luck to you all!

Nobody Knows (Progress)

Just plotted out a mini version of my Nobody Knows Like an Eskimo’s Nose Knows project – see previous post. This is definately moving ahead now with a portion of the main drawings plotted and some being transferred to Lino Cut. It’s a concertina book with the narrative being driven by a piece of coloured thread running through the imagery – it’s part of my exploration of non verbal narrative or the ‘Visual Voice’ as i’ve termed it. Over the next few weeks I’m planning to tackle this in all of my down time now that I have a clear structure.

There’s a Hipster in my coffee

There’s a Hipster in my coffee – Must be an artisan brew!

Brown Town

I really need to stop throwing ideas out there and actually finish one of them – since the trip to New York and my re-adoption of sketching I’ve been playing with another idea for a kids story. Whilst getting excited about it I started doodling some inhabitants (149 in 30 minutes whilst waiting for my son to finish his swimming lesson) of a place called ‘Brown Town’ (those that know me would have seen this coming) and it’s surrounding suburbs. It’s been nice being really loose and carefree – maybe that means I’ll get around to it. That’s it I’m going to finish all three this summer! Promise!

New York City Sketchbook2

Here’s a small selection of sketches that I did whilst visiting NYC this winter – though the weather was like a British summer at times! Hopefully going to work with Greg in our print department to do something more with these… particularly the Coney Island sketches. (Some of the sketches are drawn ‘blind’ – i.e. you don’t look at the paper when you draw – I’ve been trying this with our first year students to make them less judgemental of their abilities.)

New York City Sketchbook

I’ve just returned from a week long visit to New York with about 50 students from Chester University. It’s a return visit for me so I didn’t feel as compelled to go all touristy and see the general sights. Instead we did the galleries and more so hung around taking in the atmosphere and sketching – i’m going to upload some photos and sketches over the next few days but to start with is a tidied up sketch of an aerial view of a guy reading some of the many amazing zines in the book store ‘Printed Matter’ – If you ever go to NYC then check this place out.

Nick Sharratt – Impressive Shirt!

Had a very pleasant afternoon at the Lowry in Salford yesterday listening to and drawing along with children’s illustrator Nick Sharratt. He had such a lovely manner and was the perfect person for the kids to follow along in creating their own versions of his artwork – so simple and accessible and drawn with a sharpie with such confidence. Had a quick chat with him whilst he graded our son’s artwork as ‘Fin-tastic’ and am hoping to get him to make a Guest Lecture visit at Chester Uni next year. Impressive shirt!


My 10 year old (Tom) was off ill from school yesterday and took some time to capture me work from home. He had a pretty good likeness but then I thought i’d return the favour by complementing his piece with how he sees me. It ended up me me looking like the one who was ill.

Nobody Knows Like An Eskimo’s Nose Knows – Narwhal

As part of the previously posted book idea for Nobody Knows Like An Eskimo’s Nose Knows here’s one of the creatures that the Eskimo girl will encounter – a rather snug Narwhal! I’m trying a combination of Lino and Digital to speed the process and get a more tonal effect.

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